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Annie & Sonny's Relationship [QUESTION]
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heartnpen wrote in the_treme
I must have been half asleep watching the latest episodes because I have a couple of WTF? Kind of questions I wanted to clear up, and wanted your thoughts.

I believe it was either Episode 5 ("Shame Shame Shame") or 6 ("Shallow Water, Oh Mama") but it was about the shooting during the second line when Annie & Sonny got separated and she ended up w/that guy from Texas.

My question: What the hell happened between that moment and the scene where she's covered up, leaning against Sonny and crying? Was she raped? Because I don't understand why Sonny apologized to him when he left. I just don't get it, because what I feel is implied and what was being shown contradicted itself.

I really like Annie when she's apart from Sonny, and I love the idea of seeing her be on her own; I don't know why she's so heavily co-dependent on Sonny, and maybe we'll learn more eventually. I just hope she evolves more by the end of the episode because I'm not really like Sonny at all; he's kind of skevvy to me. Sure he loves her, but getting high then smacking your girlfriend doesn't score him any points with me as a viewer.

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Late to the party (just watched the season)

she was crying because she was in the middle of a shootout

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