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Annie & Sonny's Relationship [QUESTION]
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heartnpen wrote in the_treme
I must have been half asleep watching the latest episodes because I have a couple of WTF? Kind of questions I wanted to clear up, and wanted your thoughts.

I believe it was either Episode 5 ("Shame Shame Shame") or 6 ("Shallow Water, Oh Mama") but it was about the shooting during the second line when Annie & Sonny got separated and she ended up w/that guy from Texas.

My question: What the hell happened between that moment and the scene where she's covered up, leaning against Sonny and crying? Was she raped? Because I don't understand why Sonny apologized to him when he left. I just don't get it, because what I feel is implied and what was being shown contradicted itself.

I really like Annie when she's apart from Sonny, and I love the idea of seeing her be on her own; I don't know why she's so heavily co-dependent on Sonny, and maybe we'll learn more eventually. I just hope she evolves more by the end of the episode because I'm not really like Sonny at all; he's kind of skevvy to me. Sure he loves her, but getting high then smacking your girlfriend doesn't score him any points with me as a viewer.

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I didn't get that either. There was definitely a weird vibe between her and Sonny's friend though but it never got explained.

I'd love to see her dump Sonny and move on to bigger and better things. He gives me the creeps.

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